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About Us

The very heart of Symphony Natural Health is health, and for over 20 years, our Research and Development Tream and Sourcing Team have been committed to discover the most effective and safe natural products in the world.

Our Medical Team of health practitioners and Doctors, who specialize in each aspect of health, understand the most effective ways to support you and most importantly get the best results for you.

Our products are regarded as the best in the world in their respective categories, from our Femmenessence line for hormone balance and women's health, to Revolution for men's health, to the best and healthiest salt in the world!

Why our products are considered the best in the world

Unlike other companies, we understand that all quality products begin with the seed.

This is why we control every aspect of product development and quality control.

For our plant-based natural health products, we begin by choosing the ideal plant species, variety of phenotype - then move to specific growing locations (country, elevation, environment, rainfall and soil) - to seed selection - to soil quality - to organic and sustainable farming techniques.

Then we customize harvesting methods according to the development phase of the plant, including diurnal cycles and lunar cycles, through to drying methods, that all impact efficacy, quality and purity.

Next, we look at the biology and chemistry of every plant individually, to create a manufacturing process that concetrates the full spectrum of key active ingredients, without using and chemical solvents or extracts.

From there we conduct pharmacology, toxicology and human double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trials that are published in international medical journals. That is why it takes on average 7 years of product development and research befofre we even launch a product! When we launch a product we have no doubt about its quality, safety and ability to have a significant impact on your health.

Finally, we look at stability which includes storage, packaging and shipping to ensure that maximum efficacy is maintained.

That process of due diligence and research continued with Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®

Even though it doesn't start from a seed, it's origin and every other step we take with all of our products was of paramount importance.

We knew that Water and Minerals were two of the most important factors in your health. Consider the saline drip. It's a solution of salt/mineral water and is often the first thing attached to a patient's arm because water and minerals are critical for health.

We began our due diligence on Himalayan salt and were amazed to find that there are, in fact, four diffrent regions that mine Himalayan salt. What was also interesting was that while all made the same claims, there was actually only one mine that had a Certificate of Analysis showing 84 trace minerals. Only one mine had structure analysis showing that the particle size and structure of their salt was so perfect it could be absorbed directly into the cell, and most interestingly, only one source had research demonstrating health benefits. All the other sources claimed that their salt was "the same" but could not provide any evidence. What's more, this one source (called Original Himalayan Crystal Salt) was the vert source researched and analyzed in the book Water & Salt the Essence of Life and since that publication the owners of the exclusive rights in the US - Ed and Ingrid Leach - had conducted their own research at Fenestra Labs and independent research facility. So, for us there was no question - the only salt we would source and supply was Original Himalayan Crystal Salt!

When we delved a little deeper with our due diligence we also found that the working conditions in many of the mines was not acceptable and that nearly all of the salt exported was just bulk salt.

Fortunately, when we acquired the exclusive distribution rights we knew that they had already created a joint venture partnership with the local community who control the mine. As opposed to most companies that simply buy Himalayan salt in bulk, we have a small industry with the local people that delivers value added finished goods that are more valuable than just bulk salt. This creates year-round employment, safe and fair working conditions, living wages and provides 5 times the income for the local community.

It also ensures the highest quality product for you and effectively reduces the price you pay because there are no further costs to producing or shipping Original Himalayan Crystal Salt after it leaves the source.

While nearly all our Himalayan products are manufactured at the source, our Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhaler is manufactured in the US. The reason for that is the processes for this product is a little more complex and so we want to ensure we provide the safest and highest quality products we can.

When you use your inhaler, you can be cartain you are only breathing in Original Himalayan Crystal Salt. Our stringent Quality Control Process uses blasts of air at various stages of manufacturing that are equivalent of over 10 times what a human is capable of. We use lead free decals and a BPA free rubber stopper. And most important of all, your inhaler is filled with the true Original Himalayan Crystal Salt that has all the health benefits researched in the book Water & Salt the Essence of Life as well as at Fenestra Labs.

Why we offer the showerheads

As we were researching salt, we also researched water extensively. And while to date we have not found a Water Filter that meets our requirements, what we did discover was shower technology from Europe around safety and reducing water consumption, both of which are becoming major issues in the US.

This all came about when we uncovered unsettling information about bacteria hiding in your showerhead. We certainly do not want you to be blasted with dangerous bacteria while washing off your Crystal Salt Peloid Mud Mask! So, through our research we found the BUBBLE-RAIN® shower head and hose technology from Germany.

Our promise to you

  • We will never stop investigating the best solutions to make your best health happen for you.
  • We will continue to research, design, manufacture, and distribute market-leading, clinically-proven products.
  • All our solutions, from supplements to functional foods to beauty, shower and water technologies will be meticulously researched, tested and confirmed to truly work and impact your health.
  • We have no patience for non-scientific solutions and unsubstantiated and misleading claims, and we will never mislead you.