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Table Salt vs Himalayan Salt

Table Salt vs Himalayan Salt

Table salt is composed primarily of two ions: sodium (Na) & chloride (Cl).
It’s the same salt often used to melt snow on the road. Salt Fact: Only 6% of the world’s supply is used for food, 93% used in manufacturing, de-icing higways, agriculture, water conditioning.

Table salt is most commonly mined. Explosives blast through rock to create a cave, and then 40 or more holes are drilled into the salt face. These holes are primed with pellets of even more explosive materials. Miners ignite the explosives, creating a blast that dislodges 800 to 900 tons of rock salt in less than 3 seconds. The rock salt is scooped out and thrown in a spinning crusher, and then crushed a second time.

Table salt is chemically cleaned at high temperatures, which turns it into a chemical structure not recognized by your body. In fact, your body thinks refined table salt is poison and tries to excrete it as quickly as possible, causing a burden on your body’s detoxification organs, especially your liver and kidneys. It does this by surrounding the sodium chloride with water to separate the Na and Cl ions enabling our body to absorb some of the minerals and excrete the rest. The water used to break this up comes from inside your cells, causing dehydration at the cellular level.

Even worse, regular table salt is often bleached and then treated with anticaking agents like aluminum (associated with Alzheimer’s), sodium ferrocyanide (cyanide), and other agents you’ll also find in roof tiles, cement, the coating on welding rods, dry cleaning, a laxative to loosen the bowels, and aircraft de-icing fluid…to name a few.

Salt Comparison Chart Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Table Salt
Trace Minerals 84 2
Anti-caking agents (additives) No Yes
Color Pink White
Origin Foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan Worldwide
Structure Balanced Crystalline Crystalline with total isolation
Pollutants None Plastic, Cyanide, Aluminum and others
Mining Process Hand-Minded, cleaned and gently crushed with traditional stone grinders Explosives and then Chemically cleaned in a lab removing trace elements to leave Na and Cl
Clinical Studies Yes No
Certificate of Analysis Yes No
Health Benefits
Electrolyte Balance Yes No
Supports cellular communication Yes No
Hydration* Yes No
Supports acid-alkaline balance* Yes No
Helps to normalize blood pressure Yes No
Aids in detoxification Yes No
Supports a properly functioning metabolism Yes No

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