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About Original Himalayan Crystal Salt's Parent Company
Symphony Natural Health

Whether it is the sensitive and finely tuned ecosystem within our body, or the environment and ecosystem around us, we are all part of a series of complex interdependent relationships, that when in Symphony, create harmony and health for all.

Our Company was founded with the Vision to form and support a synergistic Symphony within our body and also between our company, the communities we partner with and the environment we work in to bring about harmony and health for us, our customers and the world.

This Vision of creating a Symphony that benefits all, compels us to look at our intention and actions in everything we do and touch: From our “WHY” or purpose, to our Seed-to-Shelf Supply Chain, to our Products and the Customers we serve, to our Company Culture and our role in the Health Industry.



Our Why or purpose is to be Conscious, to Lead and to Empower, and is reflected in our mission statement:

Symphony Natural Health is a conscious company that leads through our vision, our intentions and our actions, empowering people with the knowledge and solutions needed to achieve and maintain their best possible health.


Seed-to-Shelf Supply Chain

In music a Symphony is created by a Composer – someone who creates something that is new and has never existed before, who understands and combines the individual beauty of each instrument of the orchestra, in perfect harmony.

We see our founders as Composers in the way they created our Seed-to-Shelf Supply Chain and our Products.

Our CEO and Composer of our Seed-to-Shelf Supply Chain is James Frame, who established a Symphony within the ecosystem of which our company was a part, by founding a global seed-to-shelf operation in six countries across the globe. At each stage, the effect our actions have socially, economically, environmentally and on the health and wellbeing of our customers, partners, team members, and the industry at large, are closely considered. This has resulted in:

  • Environment: Organic and sustainable agriculture, and environmentally focused business practices.
  • Health Impact: More effective, clinically proven, safer health solutions. A Medical Team of experts in Functional and Integrative Health and multi-media education, available to empower, support and personally guide our customers at no cost to them.
  • Industry Impact: Establishing a company of empathy and wisdom, that is committed to doing everything to support our community, and leads the way in standards towards a self-regulating industry of quality, efficacy and trust.
  • Social Impact: The creation of manufacturing operations with our partners in third-world countries, ensuring year-round employment, better working conditions, and the injection of 5 times the capital, and the establishment of schools in the local communities.


Products and Customers

We design, manufacture and distribute market leading, clinically proven nutraceuticals, functional foods, other health related products and technologies that assess, educate and empower people about their health.

Our Products’ are Composed by our Director of Research and Development – Dr. Henry Meissner, who only creates novel products that have either never existed before or have clinical trial results that are superior to everything else on the market. As reflected by our WHY to Lead we could think of nothing worse than introducing a product to the market that according to clinical research was sitting back at 4th place in its category! Or even introducing a new product that was on par with the best, but in a crowded and competing group of 6 very similar products! What would be the point?

Thus with our nutraceuticals Dr. Meissner looks at the biology and chemistry of every plant individually and discovers how to optimize the efficacy of the full spectrum of active ingredients to have a therapeutic impact on our customer’s health.

This starts by finding the ideal species, variety or phenotype of each plant we work with, to researching which is the best country, environment, soil, elevation and weather to grow it in… to testing if the active ingredients are impacted by the time of the season, time of day (diurnal cycle), lunar cycle, rainfall, weather, harvest methods and drying methods… to how to process each plant to create efficacy that is unparalleled in the health benefits it delivers.

This continues by creating a Symphony within our Products by perfecting every note our customers want to hear, from safety studies to clinical research; organic and Kosher certification; to vegan, gluten-free and completely pure — strictly excluding excipients, chemicals, colors, flavors or preservatives — to always packing in oxygen and moisture protected blister packs to optimize stability, and packed in recycled boxes, printed with vegetable ink!

Our Products are also designed to create a Symphony within the body, returning our cells, hormones, circadian rhythm, and body-detoxification to a state of optimal balance, restoring us back to harmony and health by addressing the root causes of distress, and by providing renewed support to our foundational health.


Company Culture and Health Industry

Our WHY perpetually requires us to look inward at ourselves, our Company Culture and employee well-being, and outwardly at our external ecosystem (the health industry and the world we live in) to ask ourselves if we embody what we are trying to create and how can we make things better?

We believe the answer is seen in the world all around us where science in genetics and epigenetics has shown us that no matter how healthy our genetic makeup enable us to be, if we don’t live in a healthy environment, we will still get sick. That is the same for our company and industry, it doesn’t matter how healthy our company is, if we don’t try and improve the standards and health of our entire industry, there is only so much impact we can have.

We are in a time when many companies in the health industry are being bought up by corporations and becoming more about profits than helping people. Also, many of the ways that health is defined and confirmed are fundamentally changing. That’s why now, more than ever, we see the need for our company to Lead by example and be a platform to express our WHY and Vision and truly focus on what is best for our customers… especially considering we are our own oldest customers! If we are the company keeping our customers and ourselves healthy and happy for a hundred years through our products and support, then we as a company are most likely to be around for that same hundred years! We are in this for the long run… just like you!

It is why our company’s shareholders include doctors who use our products, people in the healthcare industry, some of our employees and their families, and even some of our customers! All who believe in our Vision and together aspire to something new - one complete synergistic Symphony to create harmony and health for all!

Our Core Values