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Benefits of Ionized Minerals

Ions play a major role in sustaining the energy or life force in the cells of your body. Ions are simply individual atoms or groups of atoms that have acquired electrical charges. These charges can be either negative, by gaining electrons, or positive, by losing electrons. What is really important, is the combined “punch” provided by the 84 mineral elements found in Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® (OHCS) when they become ionized. When water and OHCS combine, the result is a powerful solution containing the full spectrum or complement of mineral ions. They form what’s known as “complex” ions. Complex ions are charged complex, meaning that they hold electrical potential. The fewer the ional mineral elements present in water, the fewer the “complexes,” that form, and instead, there remains more neutral complexes, having no net electrical charging.

Not all minerals are ionially suspended. Most minerals already present in water are too large to be assimilated. The 84 minerals found in OHCS are small enough (angstrom sized or smaller) to be able to pass into the cells, being immediately available as electrical potentials, or ENERGY. A solution of water and this salt contains the entire spectrum or full orchestra of energies or frequencies from all the 84 elements, allowing for all the positively charged and negatively charged ions to form complex ions, forming a complete and regenerative elixir, making us truly vital, truly alive. (read more on our Salt Energy For Life page)

If you still can’t get your mind around the fact that your body is an electrical manifestation requiring electricity to maintain life, and that Energy and Life Force in the form of ions are the electricity your body is hungering for, just take a look at the terminology that science uses to talk about the body and its life activities.

Benefits of Ionized Minerals

Deficiency of minerals is responsible for most chronic diseases

Only "ionized" minerals, or the ions released from minerals when exposed to water, can be adequately absorbed and utilized by the cells.

Modern Scientific Terminology:
Referring to the Life Activities of the Body

 Cell potential
 Electrical charge
 Action potential
 Gated ion channels
 Intercellular receptors
 Intracellular receptors
 Receiving cell
 Signal transduction
 Signaling molecules
 Wave like opening of voltage
     gated ion channels

 Ions will then relay the signal
 Intracellular signal transduction
     is largely carried out by
     second messenger molecules

 Feedback mechanism
 Cell-surface receptors
 Electrochemical impulses

This terminology is common to the various fields of science dealing with Energy; i.e., electricity, electrical engineering, sound engineering, nuclear physics, physics, etc. So it’s clear that ions have absolutely everything to do with you and the way your body functions, its ability to process information, and its power to achieve and maintain a quintessential state of wellbeing.

Ionized Mineral Benefits

Your body is composed entirely of minerals and water. As an incredibly powerful solvent in your body, the hydrogen molecules in pure water provide nutrients in the form of energy to your cells and remove discarded, used energy. Without regular replacement of the water in your body, the cells will die, and so too, in time, will the body. Likewise, without replacing essential trace minerals systematically in the correct, water soluble, ionic form, the cells will malfunction, become weak and fatally diseased.

In order for your body to benefit from the minerals you take in, they must be extremely small. Their size is measured in angstroms. As a reference point, a sheet of paper is 1,000,000 angstroms thick. So you can understand that the minerals your body is looking for must be introduced in a way that your body can use. Even though larger than angstrom size minerals an be eventually absorbed by the blood, the angstrom sized minerals can be absorbed by individual cells. And that’s where they do the most good.

Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium are the five essential or major minerals for your body. Other important trace elements consist of chromium, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, and zinc. Additionally, selenium plays a key role in the maintenance of good health. Other trace elements like sulphur, nickel, cobalt, fluorine, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen also have a part to play in your wellbeing. The human body depends upon 84 of the known 106 elements to maintain optimum health, many more than are now recognized.

The slow degeneration of society, of humanity, is directly related to the lack of these minerals in our food. Regeneration is what we all want and need.

All diseases of humanity can be attributed to the lack of minerals in our bodies.” Linus Pauling, PhD winner of 2 Nobel prizes said, “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment, to a mineral deficiency.” Experts tell us that minerals are rarely found in the natural foods grown on the table of the Earth today because our soils are depleted of minerals.

The slow degeneration of society, of humanity, is directly related to the lack of these minerals in our food. Regeneration is what we all want and need. We have all been created to realize our full physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual potentials as human beings. It’s almost beyond belief that the road to regeneration lies in something as simple as SALT! Could it be the reason why crystal salt has been so sought and valued by past civilizations, the reason that men have sacrificed their lives to gain its possession? What secret did they possess that we have either forgotten or have had hidden away from us? The ancient Egyptians were aware of the power of salt. They utilized six different salts, coming from both local and remote sources, for a variety of applications, both sacred and secular.

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® contains all 84 minerals, the five essential minerals and all trace minerals, that are ionized in water and can be readily absorbed by the cells in your body.

Benefits of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®,
in the form of liquid ionized minerals. . .

• Makes your drinking water alkaline.
  Energy can only flow in an alkaline

• Are natural antioxidants

• Balances your blood pH

• Normalizes all metabolic functions

• Can be readily absorbed by your
   cells where they are intended to be

• Are a complete and inexpensive source
   of essential trace minerals

• Increases the flow of Energy in the body