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HCS For Cooking


When it comes to health many people often think the steps you need to take to improve your health are too hard. One of the easiest things you can do to improve your health is go to your pantry and throw out your old table salt. That step alone will improve your health. However, imagine replacing your old toxic table salt with a functional food, like Original Himalayan Crystal Salt, with up to 84 trace minerals! That is an additional gain on top of stopping using normal table salt. It doesn’t get much easier than clicking add to cart and changing your health.


For food preparation and cooking Original Himalayan Crystal Salt comes in course and fine granulated:


Coarse Granulated

The larger salt stones are hand-crushed into coarse granulated crystals, the perfect size for those who wish to grind their own salt. These sparkling crystals possess all the natural characteristics of the original crystal stones from which they come and are a visual and culinary complement to any meal.


This granulation also serves as a refill for the dry salt inhaler.



Fine Granulated


The coarse crystals are further crushed into fine granulated crystals small enough to be used in a salt shaker. The full color spectrum, taste and mineral content found in the larger salt stones are all preserved in this finer grind, but is far easier to use. This radiant pinkish salt has a distinctively “alive” taste that’s naturally delicious.


This granulation is also used in our neti pots.