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Himalayan Crystal Salt Intro Pack

2.2lb box of Stones for Sole*                 Water & Salt the Essence of Life               2.2lb box of Fine Granulated*        Normally $29.50                                 Normally $17.50                                      Normally $29.50

*Over 12 month supply per person

Now all three for $49.95

Two Simple Steps to Radically

Improve Your Health...


Throw out all other salt in your pantry. Just that action has already improved your health!

Now only use Original Himalayan Crystal Salt in all of your cooking and food preparation.

Bad Table SaltHimalayan Crystal Salt


Use Sole (pronouced So-lay) every morning 20 minutes before you eat.

Our bodies are chronically dehydrated and acidic, despite many people drinking all day. The reason being that many of the liquids we drink, even many waters, have low levels of minerals and poor structure, minimizing our cells ability to absorb water and alkalize. Experts believe that we absorb as little as 12-24% of standard tap water into our cells. This impacts hydration, pH, inflammation, constipation, energy and our ability to detoxify. Adding Sole to your water each day increases your body’s ability to absorb water into your cells as well as adding 84 trace minerals and electrolytes into your body, increasing hydration, cellular communication and overall health.

Making Sole using Original Himalayan Crystal Salt



Best selling book Water and Salt the Essence of Life by Dr Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferrera presents revolutionary insights into food, health, beauty and consciousness. Dozens of photos, directions and data bring this book to life as a guide into how the two fundamental elements - Water and Salt, can be used topically, internally and in different forms to profoundly impact our health in so many ways. 

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Normally $76.60, today only $49.95