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Letter from CEO

As this may be the first dialogue Natural Health International (NHI) will have with its customers and prescribing practitioners, it is also one of the most significant interactions we will have with you. Like nearly all first impressions, this dialogue combined with our products’ performance, will set the tone for how you view NHI. With this in mind we realize that the most important information we can convey to you is simply who we are and what we stand for, as well as share our company’s missions and the manner by which we intend to achieve them.

Who we are

NHI’s founders are made up of a management team and group of investors who see the potential to make a paradigm shift in healthcare. Collectively, we believe that integrating a healthcare company both vertically (controlling supply, manufacture and distribution) and horizontally (integrating orthodox, complementary and wellness philosophies) will create the optimal synergistic foundation to support the delivery of products, services and education of the highest quality. This integration means a healthcare company for the entire population, with the capacity to treat, cure and more importantly prevent disease. There by improve the health of the next generation and keep its customers well for all their lives.

The manner in which we work

NHI Core Values are the soul of our company. Our ideology and values are the underpinning of our company culture and reflect the totality of our focus and win/win/win mentality that exists amongst all our team members, distributors, community, environment and customers.

What we stand for

We are committed to the vision "to be a Global Visionary Company dedicated to leading and providing you with all the tools needed for complete health and understanding of all the issues affecting your health."


Congruent with our vision, our missions are

  • to form a one-on-one relationship with each of you, to directly communicate,
  • to increase your understanding of your body and
  • to foster complete wellbeing through nourishing your foundation or core health.

We look forward to sharing this journey.

Yours sincerely,


James Frame


Natural Health International’s Global Vision from CEO James Frame


NHI is a global visionary company dedicated to a core ideology and set of values. Our Core Values and holistic ideology define the foundation upon which our company is built.

The term holistic encompasses concepts such as foundation or core health and describes:

  • The balancing and integrating of the individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being;
  • A cooperative relationship with all life and the environment; and
  • Wellness-focused lifestyle choices.

Leading describes our intent and belief in ourselves. In this day and age with highly educated consumers and access to vast amounts of information, companies must be congruent in all that they do. Our clinical trials on Femmenessence have been published in global medical journals and were the first in the world to confirm the balance of all key hormones for post and peri menopausal women, achieved through the use of an all natural herbal product - Maca-GO® (an organic, concentrated and bio-available form of the entire spectrum of actives of the herb Lepidium peruvianum Chacon). Clinical trials on Femmenessence together with customer experience have shown that by creating balance and physiological harmony through action on the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal axes, symptoms are alleviated and an environment for optimal, foundation health established.

The synergistic functionality of Femmenessence is symbolic of our holistic ideology. It practically demonstrates our belief in the interconnected relationships within our body and how nourishment of the foundation or core, flows on to create harmony and health throughout. This holistic ideology evolves through our intent to treat the whole person, addressing nutrition, exercise, environment as well as mental and emotional wellbeing. These themes of nourishing the foundation to support holistic health are consistent throughout our company, and are fostered by education and the modes of action of our entire product range..

Like Femmenessence, Herbatonin’s action creates balance at the source. Melatonin, the primary active of Herbatonin, is a hormone released through the pineal gland to support normal bio-rhythms, regulate sleeping patterns and align the body with night and day. Herbatonin is also the first 100% plant melatonin product, which is bio identical to human melatonin.

pH Quintessence and our St. John’s Wort product continue this theme with the some of the highest occurring concentrations in their category without the use of extraction or chemicals. In addition pH Quintessence’s function to restore optimal acid/alkali balance in the body aligns with the foundation health and synergist ideology.

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt’s 84 trace minerals are in almost identical ratios to what exist in our blood and with perfect purity and structure provide the ideal substitute to normal table or sea salt.

Furthermore, our continuing research and development in areas of health that include cognitive function, digestive health, diagnostics, functional foods, fertility and integrated wellness technology, is coupled with completely congruent, wellness-focused education.


Natural Health International’s Health Education Focus


The tools needed to understand your health are information, advice and assessment. Assessment consists of methods which give you a complete evaluation of your current health. Questionnaires evaluating your present situation and history, combined with analysis of food allergies, hormone and cholesterol levels, bone density, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, VO2, body composition, energetic profile, gut health, environment and toxicity levels can all provide you with a real understanding of your body’s foundation health as well as the areas you need to improve.

Information enables you to increasing your knowledge and understanding of how your body works. This combined with qualified advice, can provide you with the tools and strategy to improve your foundation health, rather than band aiding symptoms.

While the journey to health is very much a personalized path, the building blocks of mind and body are universal. Nourishing and supporting our foundation health is the key to complete health. It provides positive flow on affects which eliminate the cause of symptoms at the core.

Foundation health is created through five key areas:

  1. Empowerment and Knowledge
  2. Hormone Balance>
  3. Diet and Nutrition
  4. Lifestyle and Environment
  5. Exercise and Movement


One-on-one relationships with our customers


Achieving complete health is a unique process for each person that requires interaction and communication between you, your healthcare professional and sources of health information and products like NHI. In order to facilitate unabridged communication NHI looks to establish a one-on-one relationship directly with you and your healthcare professional.

Fortunately the dawn of the information age and advent of mass and multi media have provided gateways for all of us to access information and communicate with millions of people around the globe. The ease with which we can communicate and transmit information has increased our ability to get information, educate ourselves and communicate with each other.

NHI’s multi-media platform will provide you with tools and information in a variety of forms and differing levels of technicality. Our Healthcare Professional Site will provide additional information for your healthcare professional to support you, our Facebook Page will enable you to interact with other people using NHI products and our medical team as well as the NHI Blog will also provide a gateway for you to keep up to date with the latest research and information, not to mention connecting directly via or 888 668 3661. These multiple touch points are designed for our customers to ask questions, discuss their experience with NHI and our products, to make suggestions regarding new products or services, as well as charitable and community programs that our company should be aware of. Our relationship with you is not one way.

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