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James Frame

CEO – James Frame

James is a leader, but more importantly for us, he is NHI’s leader in every sense, he is an excellent communicator who empowers people and by his own admission “a consciousness work in progress”. NHI, combined with the non-profit he also co-founded – Awakes, are his vision and passion. He has a Bachelor of Economics which at one stage was put on hold to start NHI.

He has been working in the natural products industry for 15 years and during this time has set up a global supply network with operations in Australia, Vanuatu, France, Pakistan, Peru and the United States. Over the last 5 years James and the NHI team have created Natural Health International’s distribution network and business in the US and are now expanding around the world to 20 countries by the end of 2014.

James experience spans nutrition, exercise physiology and natural products. He has a comprehensive knowledge of each area of the Global Natural Products Industry from seed to shelf. He has established strong commercial ties with some of the largest natural product manufacturers in the USA - Pure World Botanicals and in Europe – Indena and was involved in the privatization of the kava market in Vanuatu, which up until February 1998 was a prescribed commodity. Since this time he has moved on to become one of the biggest exporters of kava out of Vanuatu, with sales in excess of 300 tons, as well as expanding into Tamanu Oil. James was also instrumental in establishing the St. John’s Wort industry in Australia as a viable alternative to product from Chile and Eastern Europe, supplying 200 tons of St. John’s Wort in the first year. From 1999 to the present he has been involved in establishing and growing NHI’s joint venture operation in Peru which includes growing, harvesting and manufacturing with a capacity of 1,500 tons per annum. James also oversaw NHI’s five years of research into Femmenessence and has since been involved in our continued research into women’s health, men’s health and now mental health. In 2010 he successfully acquired and rolled the leading Himalayan Crystal Salt business into NHI.

They say people get into business to either be a Missionary or a Mercenary, and James is certainly of the Missionary mold.


Director of Research & Development – Dr Henry Meissner

Dr. Meissner is a leader in the Natural Products Industry and one of top developers of herbal products in the world. He has over forty years experience in the natural products industry and is the first scientist to successfully derive therapeutic doses of melatonin from plants (Herbatonin). Dr. Meissner also developed the ground breaking product in women’s health – Femmenessence, the first herbal product to have a statistically significant effect on a post-menopausal woman’s own hormone production in published clinical trials. Even more impressive is that Dr. Meissner developed Femmenessence in 1999, 3 years before the release of the women’s health initiative, as he knew that there had to be a better alternative to support hormone balance in women than introducing hormones into the body.

He has a Bachelor of Science, a Masters in Environmental Physiology and a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry. Achievements include an award for being one of the “2000 outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century" from The International Bibliographical Center, Cambridge, England (2001), and "Five Hundred Leaders of Influence" from American Bibliographical Institute (2000). Through his academic endeavors he has empowered the health industry, serving on a variety of academic and research boards throughout his career and has published over 300 research and technical papers in professional journals.

Dr. Meissner’s diversity of projects has taken him around the world. He has undertaken projects in Poland, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, China, Japan, India, Hawaii and Peru. He is currently the Director of Research & Development for Natural Health International and Executive Director of Technology Transfer and Development International. He was also the Chairman of Therapeutic Research Oceania, Chairman of the Greening China Fund in Hong Kong – ZhuHai, China; Project Coordinator for the Therapeutic Research Project on Medicinal Herbs at the Research Institute for Medicinal Herbs in Poznan, Poland. During 40 years of theoretical and technical research on herbal extracts and biochemical and nutritional aspects of their clinical and practical application, Henry has designed functional dietary preparations, health and herbal therapeutic products and established commercial-scale extraction and fractionation facilities. He has implemented technologies for processing medicinal herbs and biomass from a wide range of cultivated plant species and has designed, established and coordinated a multi-disciplinary international environmental project for ecological rehabilitation and sustainable agriculture in China. Over the last ten years Henry has also designed and headed up numerous pharmacognostic and clinical studies on natural therapeutics and medicinal preparations for use as preventive and all-natural dietary supplements for a variety of health conditions.


National Sales Manager (Health Professionals) - Lisa Shank

Lisa is a true ambassador of consciousness at NHI and part of the glue that keeps everything together. She is one of those people who everyone is always happy to see, which comes in handy when you knock on doctors doors a lot. She has been in the Natural Products Industry for over a decade, most recently as the National Sales Manager for Ayush Herbs one of the premier Ayurvedic companies in the US. Lisa has a very strong network in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioner industry, including being on the Board of Directors for the Naturopathic Education and Research Consortium and the Rishi Sodhi Foundation.


Jan Roberts

New Product Development - Jan Roberts B.Pharm (Hons), Dip. Clinical Nutrition

Jan Roberts is a leader in pre conception health and fertility and a champion of consciousness. She has spent almost 40 years in the health care industry, 20 of those working in the area of women’s reproductive health. As a pharmacist for the first twenty years of her career she saw the major flaws with tradition medicines crisis care approach and disease mentality. So after going back to university and getting a postgraduate diploma in Clinical Nutrition she started her journey into health and education. She is the Australian representative for Foresight, the British Association famous for its work in promoting preconception health care and co-author of the international best-selling series

The Natural Way to Better Babies

Better Pregnancy

Better Birth & Bonding

Better Breastfeeding

more recently in 2012 she also authored

Healthy Parents, Healthy Baby

Healthy Parents, Healthy Toddler

Jan has presented ‘preconception’ and ‘wellness’ workshops and seminars to the general public and health professionals is Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States since 1987. She has made frequent appearances on radio and TV and is a regular contributor to various magazines and journals.

Jan’s passion in preconception health over the last 7 years has evolved into a strong understanding of how important a whole range of supplements are for treatment from probiotics, to water technologies and products like Femmenessence for hormone balance. This research has extended to diagnostic devices, gaming and mobile apps for delivery of assessment, education and compliance which has great synergy with her role with Natural Health International in New Product Development.

Dr. Corey Schuler

Head of Medical Education - Corey Schuler DC, MS, LN

Dr. Corey Schuler is an empowerer and thus naturally resonates with his role as Natural Health International’s National Educator. Dr. Schuler’s “why” is asking why again and again and again until he understands everything. His interests include investigating every piece of new literature or research on integrative health, writing or editing many of our educational pieces, two page responses to customers who have emailed us at, his family and jumping on stage to sing.

Dr. Schuler is a doctor of Chiropractic, has a master’s in clinical nutrition, is a licensed nutritionist and holds certifications in botanical medicine, acupuncture and environmental medicine. He has held numerous education roles and currently teaches at the School of Applied Clinical Nutrition at New York Chiropractic College. In addition Dr. Schuler held the position of Medical Educator at Emerson Ecologics the leading distributor to CAM practitioners in the US before coming to NHI.

Dr. Schuler is also a nationally recognized expert in the field of natural health and metabolism. He is often interviewed for radio and magazines being a featured guest of Rochester General Hospital (New York), Primal Diet Modern Health, Doctor Health Radio, as well as Men’s Fitness and Strategy magazines.