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Bath Crystals for Moon Bathing

Bath Crystals for Moon Bathing

Bath during a Full Moon for Optimal Recovery and Rejuvenation

While you can bathe at any time, some choose to follow the phases of the moon to enhance results with Original Himalayan Bath Crystals. That’s because bathing in ionic, mineralized salt water in accordance with moon rhythms is thought to be particularly powerful.

Bathing during a Full Moon for Optimal Recovery and Rejuvenation: The healing potential of your body is at its peak two days before or after the night the moon is truly full.

During your Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Bath minerals are absorbed through your skin in the form of ions, harmonizing your vibration and bio-energetic weak points and activating your own energy flow.

Your body’s capacity to detox is now at its peak – you’ll enjoy a detoxifying effect similar to a 3-day fast.

Bathing during the Dark of the Moon for Emotional Release: The dark of the moon is traditionally the last 3 days of the lunar cycle; or immediately before the New Moon; or the time when the moon is absent from the night sky.

The dark phase of any cycle is the transition between the death of the old and the birth of the new (Winter turns to Spring). Your ability to benefit from emotional release is at its highest during this phase of the moon. Just as your body releases toxins during the full moon, you release emotional toxins during the dark of the moon.

Bath Crystals for Moon Bathing

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