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What is sole therapy and how does it improve my health?

What is sole therapy and how does it improve my health?

Sole: One Teaspoon of Pure Energy

In German, the word Sole (so-lay), is derived from the Latin word “sol” – meaning sun.

Sole means fluid sunlight or fluid light energy.
Sole is created when you combine purified water with Original Himalayan Crystal Stones and leave it for 24 hours to create a fully saturated solution. A fully saturated solution is when water can no longer dissolve more crystal stones, and you see undissolved crystals on the bottom of the jar.

Then to have one of the biggest impacts on your health from one of the simplest actions - Every morning you simply add 1 teaspoon of Sole to 8 ounces of filtered water.

What are some of the health benefits of drinking Sole?

Includes the 84 elements and minerals considered essential for life and energy
Provides your body with Electrolytes which improve conductivity and cellular communication*
Improves hydration into your cells*
Supports acid-alkaline balance*
Helps normalize blood pressure*
Supports detoxification and helps cleanse the intestines*
Supports a properly functioning metabolism*

How does Sole help with hydration?
For your body to benefit from the minerals you take in, they must be extremely small. Their size is measured in angstroms. As a reference point, a sheet of paper is 1,000,000 angstroms thick.

Minerals with a larger molecular size take time to penetrate your cells and be absorbed into your blood. As the length of time to penetrate increases, larger mineral molecules can actually draw water out of your cells, causing dehydration.

In contrast, as the smaller, angstrom-sized mineral molecules in Sole pass into your cells they draw in water, improving hydration. They are readily absorbed and are immediately available as electrical potentials, or ENERGY.

Why is drinking Sole better/more effective than just drinking plain water?
It’s surprising, but water is rather complex, and needs time to mature and form a unique crystalline structure. A snowflake is the perfect example of this process. You probably recall learning that no two snowflakes are alike. That’s because no two water molecules are alike.

Each water molecule forms its own unique, perfect geometric structure naturally over time as water travels through the earth absorbing the earth’s vibrations and frequency patterns.

Unfortunately, most people are drinking immature water that has not yet formed a crystalline structure. In addition, most water sources in the U.S. are void of minerals. There are many brands of water available on the market today labeled, “artesian”, “distilled”, mineral”, “purified” and “spring” water, as well as the more unnatural forms of water, such as sparkling or carbonated waters. In most instances, the bottled waters consumers are exposed to have been processed chemically, changing the overall structure of the water and therefore must be revitalized, replacing the minerals and energetic patterns that would occur naturally. Sole helps to achieve this goal and therefore improves the overall hydration status of the body.

Can Sole really have a positive impact on my digestion?
Minerals and especially trace minerals are potent activators of nutrient uptake and enzyme activation. Also, the regulation of pH balance and rehydration are essential to any protocol since water is so important for many metabolic functions in the body.

This impact can be so significant that many kinesiologists use Sole with their supplement protocols as they can significantly reduce the dose of any protocol when they add Sole.

That’s because Sole improves the absorption of nutrients and therefore can have a positive impact on digestion. It is not meant to replace the need for the various stomach acids, bile acids, or digestive enzymes, rather it compliments these needed aspects of digestion.

Can Sole help with energy?
One of the top causes of daytime fatigue and crashes in energy is inadequate hydration. Since sole helps with overall hydration at a cellular level along with increased water intake throughout the day, energy can improve by using Sole each morning.

The human body is approximately 60% water. Of this water, 50-60% is found intracellularly, meaning water needs to be able to get into your cells where it belongs. Sodium and potassium are the two major ions that are responsible for the flow of water into and out of your cells. When water is not able to get into your cells or your body does not have the proper trace minerals to allow for this intricate process to occur, it can be very dangerous to your cells, causing them to be damaged or even die. On the contrary, when cells are properly hydrated, they are able to communicate clearly allowing the body to function as it should and contribute to normal energy production.

On a more quantum level Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®, as opposed to other Himalayan Salts, has been shown to have monatomic elements which are the high spin state or high vibrational elements that impact the energy and vibration of the body.

Toxins are everywhere.
Does Sole have "detoxifying" effects on the body?
The process of detoxification which occurs primarily in the liver, excreting toxins through the kidneys and feces, is very much dependent on water and minerals, as well as amino acids and certain vitamins. Additionally, in order for the body to detoxify properly, maintaining a proper pH level is important. A neutral balance would be a pH of 7. A body that is acidic can have brittle bones, trouble losing and maintain weight, affect sleep, and many other concerns.

For how to make Sole or learn more click here

Sole Jar Plus Stones

Hydrating and energizing your body with Sole (so-lay) is easier than ever with our NEW Sole Jar. Simply add clean drinking water to your jar pre-filled with Original Himalayan Crystal Stones to create a concentrated salty solution containing 84 ionic minerals to help balance and restore many body functions.*

The Sole Jar is accompanied by a handmade, high quality, wooden spoon made from natural schima superba wood.

Want to know more about the Sole Jar? Click here

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